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The "Maple" in Maple Meadows

This is where it all started.

Every drop of our delicious maple syrup begins as sap running through the trees right here in Southwest Ohio.


We place taps in all of our tress every spring, and as the weather begins to warm up, we collect hundreds of gallons of maple sap. This sap is little more than maple sugar and water at this stage, but it is about to undergo quite the transformation!

sugar shack.jpg

When spring hits, we work!

When the weather starts to get warmer, we tap our trees and start to collect sap. This sap passes through a reverse osmosis machine to remove any unwanted impurities, then it's ready to boil.

Our on-site sugar shack houses our boiling system.

This is where things get sticky.

It takes roughly 22,700 hard-working bees to make just one jar of Maple Meadows honey.

Our honeybee operation started with just a few hives, but every time we are able to successfully relocate a swarming colony, our honey output increases!

We let the bees do the work!

We provide stacked boxes full of frames for the bees to use as a base for their honeycomb. Once the bees get started, they work relentlessly to build as much comb as possible, once they've stored up enough honey, we're able to harvest!

Each frame box gives us about a quarter pound of honey, so there are a lot of bees hard at work to keep providing you with excellent, high-quality honey.

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